Для любого типа воды

Помпы постоянного тока 12-24В: MKR400,MKR900,MKR1200,MKR1700,MKR2400,MKR6000,

Помпы переменного тока 220В: MJM400,MJM700,MJM1200,MJM1700 л/ч.

Помпы переменного тока 220В: MJA1500, MJA1700, MJA2000, MJA2300, MJA3000, MJA4100, MJA5C, MJA7C, MJA10C,MJA15C.

Pumps. German quality.
High performance
Low power consumption
Low noise and vibration
Can work immersed in water or outside
Overheat protection
Smooth silent start
Lack of maintenance
Corrosion resistance NoMetal
Dual motor insulation
Universal Connection
Big particle size slipping
2-year warranty

The submersible pumps for saltwater and freshwater use.
Mixed type of pump action principle gives high performance with low power consumption and high durability. They work quietly, standard noise level at nominal load does not exceed 11-22 dB depending of pump power. Ideal for all aquariums, both marine and freshwater. Reef Runner allows pumping chamber cope with suspended particles in water, from 1 to 5 mm, depending on the size of the pump, which allows to operate the device in reactors, open ponds, and in applications where possible foreign bodies from entering the pump. Pump mechanism does not require special care as a result of equipping a ceramic shaft and bearings. Dismantling the pump mechanism is carried out in one motion. Saltwater pump series has a magnetic core, fully enclosed in a resin that allows the equipment to work with corrosive environments at a pH of from 2 to 10 without any difficulty at temperatures from 8oC to 55oC.
MJA models have a universal standard threaded connection 1 ", which allows to connect the pump to any pipeline. Bundled adapters to allow installation of the hose on the hose diameter 16-28mm. When using pumps as lifting, performance can be adjusted using standard valves that are provided to the pump.

MJM models are economy solution for saltwater tanks with operating temperature 15-40оС.

MKR models are DC-operated, with speed/perfomance remote control. Ultra-silent non-metal construction.


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Компания «Marinekraft» основана в 1999 году. С 2015 года принято решение о участии в коллективной программе ReefImpression и локализации производства на территории СНГ.